GamCrowd Releases Betify and Fenway Video Games On The Crowdfunding System

GamCrowd Releases Betify and Fenway Video Games On The Crowdfunding System

GamCrowd LTD have revealed their first couple of applications to increase resources for on the crowdfunding website.

Betify is an application suitable with all cellular process programs, and is used to ‘send’ a variety of challenges from consumer to user. Completing a challenge allows you to winnings prizes that are different incentives such technology products or tickets, vouchers and others.

Companies are able to use Betify to take life that is new their products by including them in different promotions and issues. Businesses also can put their products or services in tests, hide-and-seek video games as well as other qualities which Betify supplies.

All the data from consumer needs can a short while later be employed to much better position a product, or even renovate its advertising TOM scores, class, market opportunities, viral scatter and various other products are available to enhance a product or service’s brand recognition.

Betify has already obtained a amazing amount of cash by making use of ‘incubation and seed funding rounds’ more than £180,000. The software was already preferred become displayed during the EiG European iGaming Congress and Expo. By using GamCrowd, Betify is designed to raise another £300,000 and will eventually feel formally founded.

GamCrowd aims to benefit from business to company agreements through providing longer qualities for superior members. As to clients that are individual Betify will profit from individual acquisitions through the application form.