Strain Review: Wabanaki

Strain Review: Wabanaki

Wabanaki translated means ‘People of this First Light’ and whoever decided to name this one at Organigram deserves a silver star and a raise!

Here is the perfect strain to utilize at first light.

I made a decision to forgo my usual Sour Diesel alternatively of coffee (Ok, who am We kidding, of many days it is often Sour Diesel with coffee) and substitute Wabanaki in it is destination.

This is an idea that is great.

The sativa-dominant stress is precisely what you will need to enable you to get concentrated into the early morning.

But I shall offer you a caution, at very nearly 22% THC and zero CBD, this one may possibly not be one thing you jump straight into for the wake-and-bake. That one is made for more experienced users, therefore be aware and commence low and get sluggish.

The bud framework looks very right that is nice of my 5g jar. Nice thick little ‘rocks’ that have a pleasant lime hue that is green them.

We smell plenty of pine in addition to citrus, that will be verified by the greater standard of the terpene Pinene contained in this 1.