Kaizen Heron Group

Convergent Media Consultant

The Kaizen Heron Group is a convergent media consulting and development company. KHG offers counsel to companies seeking to create new strategies and revenue streams, redefine their competitive strategies, and leverage products and programming in new technologies.

With expertise in strategic planning, legal, business development, marketing, production and emerging technologies in the corporate, entertainment and new media industries, KHG clients include Disney, Microsoft, AOL, General Motors, Jenny Craig, ImageDirect, Sony, TNT, The Post Group and Pittard Sullivan.

KHG also creates, develops and produces unique and original interactive content. KHG created and executive produced a multi-player game, CyberJustice® a unique social justice mediation and entertainment arena, which ran exclusively on AOL for over four years and was honored by The Kennedy Center’s Imagination Celebration.

KHG’s CEO, Beth B. Kennedy, is considered one of Hollywood’s New Media pioneers, she’s got 15 years of studio executive corporate experience at MCA, as well as positions in technology and production at Universal Pictures, Universal Television and Universal Studios. In addition to serving on corporate and non-profit boards of directors, Beth functions as an interim executive at early stage companies.